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  Updated on November 1, 2004

Alien Assault Traders is an online, web-based, turn-based strategy space trading game forked off the source of both BlackNova Traders (BNT) and Nova Gaming System (NGS) and inspired by the popular BBS game of TradeWars. Alien Assault Traders derived from NGS. In playing NGS we felt that the game we wanted to play was a different direction than what the author of NGS was going. We forked off NGS and derived the new game that we now call Alien Assault Traders.

Our goal was to create a game that was fast paced, with a high level of variety and options, very balanced and have a way where with enough strategy, planning and good team play, any body could be at the top of the rankings.

AATrade is copyrighted by each of the developers listed below, for each of their respective contributions, and placed under the trust of the lead developers (Rick Thomson and Mark Dickenson respectively for AATrade).

AATrade is placed under the protection of the Gnu Public License, which among other things guarantees the right of others to modify both games, as long as all changes are shared publicly, as these games have been. Current versions of AATrade are based off an original code base that doesn't incorporate any code from BNT or NGS.

If you have any licensing concerns or questions, please feel free to contact
Rick Thomson.

The developers for AATrade are:

Rick Thomson - Tarnus
Mark Dickenson - Panama Jack

The following people have helped with bug fixes, code submissions and templates for AATraders and we would like to thank them for that help.

Creeperman - Code Submissions
Fantaz - Many Bug Fixes
Florian Schuh (SiCoosA) - German Language Translation
Kelly Shane Harrelson - Spiral Galaxy Code
Marco Bolzoni (Excite) - Italian Language Translation
WeirDave - Dice Graphic for Maps
Thank for your interest in our project, and if you have any questions, feel free to join the forums.

- Tarnus
AATrade lead developer

  2003-2005 by the Alien Assault Traders developers. All rights reserved.