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 Dec 19, 2008 - 11:39 am

Title: End of game countdown

Looks like this game is winding down in preparation for a new beginning for the new year.  Seems in the final week or so there has been a little more complaining than usual.  Some players that just started have not played for a while and seem to expect things to work just like they used to.

While we know you think we have made changes to punish some of you, this is not the case.  All the changes you have seen over the past few games have been for the betterment and balance of the game.  Here is a list of major ones that have changed over the past few games:

    No more build kills.  Large players were taking advantage of smaller players that were floating in space.  They would build planets around them, then they were giving the opportunity for a quick kill.  While this has been changed it is not completely gone.  You can still do it, but basing the planets isn't the only thing.  You have to have ownership of the majority of the planets in the sector.  Ownership means you have to hold the planets long enough that the production percentages show on the plant.  This can take up to 4 days.  

    Credits were too easily moved to smaller players.  Team or un-teamed.  If someone tries to take a planet that exceeds he net worth limit it will blow up.  If someone tries to capture a planet where there is a ship that is greater than their networth, the ship will Ewarp away, or will explode if its above the players range.   Team mates can only take a percentage of credits from a team cash planet once per day.  

    Bounties are heavily Taxed.  Another way players were trying to move large sums of credits was to put a bounty on someone and then another player would kill the player for a quick credit boost.  Now again its based on your networth.  The fed will tax based on networth.

    Opposing alignment attacks are deactivated.  Too many large players were pummeling smaller players.  This made it too hard for a new player to get moving and they had no easy way to get back to neutral.  

    Independent Planets go indy more often the more plants you have.  50 planets is the max that there will never be indies.   Tagging planets help, but the chances are just lower that they will go indy and as you get more planets the more chance of indy they will be.   While I really don't like this one as much, the primary purpose is to take the load off the database.  The more planets in the game the more database load, in order for others to be able to run our game on any host we have to set some way to limit that.

    Fed Bounties can be very evil.  3 or more fed bounties in less that 4 days gets you attacked by the feds weather they are paid or not.  You get 5 bounties, you lose your ship,6 and it gets real nasty (I'll have to review the forums as I have forgotten what happens next)

Off the top of my head these are the major changes that have happened.   It has really balanced game play without hurting too much.  Many hate the changes, but if you would just try to play the game instead of finding ways around the limits that have been put in place you can still compete real well.

One of the bright spots was the new probes.  I'd like to see even more probe types as they are soooo coool.  And perhaps we will see some newer ones soon.

I get comments at times, why are you punishing us.  We are not.  We are trying to create a game where its very balanced and fair for all.  If you step out of your shoes a little and think about what is good, right and fair you will see much of these have been put in to keep the game balanced.  Other changes are based on server load.  

Where are we headed?
There are many things we are planning for the future.  I am going to throw out some of the ideas we have had so you can see we really don't hate the players.  If we did, why would we put the time and effort into something that is free and actually costs us more than it makes us.  

Note:  These are ideas, they may or may not be implemented in the next game or a few games down the road.

    Fed Auto Declaration of war.  This idea is to replace the alignment stuff that we got rid of.  The original design of the opposing alignment was to give an attacked larger player some recourse.  Obviously it backfires and didnt work.  The plan now is if someone attacks and takes so much of your networth in less than 24 hours the fed will declare that the attacker has declared war and bounties will be removed from the attacker for up to a 24 hour period.  This way the attakee can return the favor and recover some of his lost property and get a little revenge.

    Trading to become more prevalent in the game.  The plan is to have commodities values go up the father you are away from sol.  So the close in sectors have one price and the sectors on the edge have another price.   Going hand in hand with this is trades from planets with autotrades will reap higher trade values than a normal trade.

    Port ownership.  The ability and supply a port and set pricing on the planet commodities.  Careful not to get robbed.  Its gonna be a way that you can off load extra planet commodities and sell them, and will become another profit center if your port is traded at a lot.

    More commodities, this is actually coded in the game but we have not turned it on yet.  I like the idea of obscure higher value commodities.  Can make trading even MORE lucrative.

    Research and build enabled.  This is the biggie.  I really think we need to get some new stuff for this real soon, after all we have had the option on the planets for some time, would be nice if they actually did something   

    This is just a snapshot.  We will have a lot of work ahead of us.  PJ still wants to work over combat a bit.  I have mixed opinions on it, but we will just have to wait and see.

    Everyone, if you have things you would like to see, feel free to make suggestions, while we dont take on all the suggestions, some of the best ideas come from the users.  Note, anything we add needs some balance, it shouldn't give one person too much of an advantage, and there should always be a counter for it of some kind.  

    Been a while since I blogged...  Been a real interesting fall.  Can't wait for the new year and we can get out of this messy fall