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 Apr 28, 2008 - 9:53 am

Title: It it still worth it?

I have been playing, helping develop this game for about 5 years. We created this game as a hobby, and we love to play. What we strive to create was a game where there was a great community spirit and a game where new players could play, learn and enjoy the game. A game that was so very balanced it was a fair for the large player as well as the smallest player.

However, recent events have really made me wonder if I even want to continue to do this. Out of our own pockets we pay for the hosting, we spend many hours developing ideas, balancing out solutions and trying to make a game that everyone enjoys. I take the time to play and work through solutions to help balance a game that can run away one way or the other. So when we make a change to fix a problem, instead of thinking "Wow, yeah that is a problem" I hear "The Programmers and Admins are cheaters" it makes me wonder why I do this. Maybe we should just shut down the server and the game development for a while and see if it matters to anyone. I know I would miss it, but I would get some real life work done.

Yes this is a rant. No, I won't shut it down.....Yet. But how about everyone think about how you can keep players from quiting. Maybe the players can be less of a bully and be constructive and willing to teach the smaller guy. That doesn't mean you pod them and then say ok now I will show you what to do. A community is only as good as the people in it. If all the people are bullies and thungs, the game will eventually die. It wont matter what we do to fix it. I only hope everyone starts thinking of what they can do to help make the game better and a place they will want to spend time in rather than how can I keep the low players down.