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 Oct 29, 2005 - 11:28 pm

Title: Attackers beware!

Just thought I'd give a heads up on a couple features we promised that are now in the new alpha version.

Sector Defence will now attack if you attack a planet while thye are on guard.  So don't expect to cloak in and take the planets at will anymore without the sector defence making you pay for your insolence

Sector Novas now will ony damage ships and sector defence.  If you want to do planet damage your going to have to target the planet, but then you risk the change that its goild to blow the whole thing up

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting Trade routes (so am I)  This version has completely changed how and how many different comodities can be in the game so we were not able to just band aid it like expected.  One of the slowdowns was the addition of the 5th comodity that will be on the planet.  This comodity will determine the planetary alignment.  Yes, you guessed it, certaim comoditis will have a good alignment and certail once will have an evil alignment.  So some players will find even trading and building planets may cause them to steer evil.  

Another note about the new bounty system, the highest player on your team will determine the overall team alignment.  So if your highest scored player is inherently evil, all the team maktes will be consideered evil.  

I've been squashin the bugs as fast as I find them, so if you think its a bug please post it to the bug tracker.