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 Oct 19, 2005 - 12:34 am

Title: Testing 1,2,3 ...Testing...

Well its been a rough start.   But a good start.  I think so far the test server has gone very well.  I am simply amazed at the wonderful community we have.  This game would not be where it is at without all the great users we have.   I want to give my personal thants to everyone helping with the test.  Your Feedback and bug reports are important to us!  We couldnt make this game work as well with out them.

Speaking of Bug reports.   Today I installed some Bug tracking software to help not only us find a bug, but will enable you the user to now see what bugs we have stomped as well as what bugs are currently in the queue.  I even convinced PJ to use it...and THAT's a feat in itself

So please report any bugs to: http://www.aatraders.com/bugtrack/index.php

For those of you that want to play a real game again, I'm working on a deal to host a new .21 Server on a buddies machine.   Once he squares a few things away, I'll get it set up, with the settings we had in the old main... I'm not certain how long it will last as once the new version is up and running 100% I plan on reseting that game... Will Keep everyone posted.  

Things to report:

SG are working!!   For those of you that have tried them you know....  You will be able to name the Sector you build with an SG, or the system will automatically name it for you.  SG's are much tougher to find in this version, unless you name them funny...be cautious you might be found?   One other evil/good thing I did was you can now link SG's to not only the outside world, but to other SG's!  Yes, I expect to see some evil SG Mazes, with the new naming its pretty tough to navigate through them but imaging linking to an enemy SG...course you have to know the name and the max number of links can not be exceeded.... Have fun with this one!

Working on a tighter version of the menu templates.   PJ found  a CSS based menu and I'm working on getting it converted to work.  Should cut a chunk of memory out as the javascript based one was HUGE!  

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