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 Jan 31, 2011 - 6:28 pm

Title: Winds of Change, AAtrade is in for some changes in the interim future

Winds of Change, AAtrade is in for some changes in the interim future.

Hey folks, there is going to be changes coming very soon to the aatrade world.   PJ is going to take a hiatus for a while.  He is still around but won't be working on aatrade for a while.  I will be taking over.   Not that that's all good either, as I have a real job, so can't put a ton of time in, but will work on it as I can.  

So what this means is, we will need to start working as a team.  I will need volunteers to help track down bugs, make template changes, bug test the beta, even help with the forum, website and the games.   If you can code php I will need some help there as well.

To start with I will be resetting the Beta to the latest game code PJ had.  I don't know what bugs have been fixed so I will be clearing out all the bug reports and starting fresh so everyone can start fresh and we can start a new bug report.

 Apr 15, 2010 - 6:39 pm

Title: The Beta

Well I haven't posted for a while, but I wanted to give people a little glance at the future and thought I'd post some updates to what we are working on in the beta.  Anyone is welcome to come over and help test.  Remember to please post bug reports as we can't fix issues without them.   There is a drop down menu or a link to bug reports, otherwise you can get to them here:  http://www.aatraders.com/bugtrack

First off you can get to the beta game by going here: http://beta.aatraders.com/

#1 Universe is HUGE!!!
First thing you will notice once you login is the universe is HUGE!  Real Space moves you will try to avoid.   Even with moderate engines you can easily blow several thousand turns.  On the bright side there are tons on links everywhere and you can pretty easily set up navigation routes to get you places.   No matter what, you want to make sure your FB level is at least 100 to start off so the nav computer can work for you.

#2 Let there be Nav Trades
OMG!  This is the greatest thing since trading began.  You can now create a nav route and attach it to a trade route.   What does this mean?   First off in the past we used to just do trade routes with no problems.  Now you just eat way too many turns and you find yourself going bonkers trying to move around without using realspace like we used to.  But on the bright side, your going to be able to trade across multiple sectors.  Imagine a colonist port 10 hops into your SG and you need to populate a planet that deep.  Old version, monotonous moves by hand, new version, Nav Trade!!!

#3 Wormholes and Zones
You will notice a brand new ID attached to the front of the sector name.  It is there to help differentiate between zones.  You maybe asking, I thought I had zones already they relate to my ownership of a sector right?  Yes, that is correct, but not what we are talking about.
Zones are basically pocket galaxies.  Zone 1 is normal space kind of what your used to right now, but that is bound to change.  We have a few plans for what will happen in zones.  I will get to that shorly.
How do you get from zone to zone?    There is a brand new port type that is called the wormhole port.  This port is the gateway to each zone.  Its a two way gate.   This is the only way in and out of each zone/galaxy.   Once you are in a new zone you will see all the sector names begin with a new number.

Each zone has its own rules.   The plan is to start at zone 1 and make it the safest zone to play in and moving outward to zone 5 which is no mans land.  Basically, no fed rules apply.  Very dangerous, but highly profitable.  

Currently the zone items do not work so they all work like normal.   So don't get excited hop in zone 5 and start machine gunning players.  

#4 Fed bounties can not be paid off
This will be about the same way we are implementing it in the main.  Most players would intentionally take bounties and then just sell some commodities and pay it off.   Not going to work anymore.  You take a bounty and the fed will take his pound of flesh from your best ship or planet.   Don't get too itchy with that trigger finger!!

#5 everything else
There are many changes that have to do with mines, A&R etc.  They have been in prev betas but I cant remember all the changes as of yet.   Keep an eye on the twitter and or me or PJ's blog.  

PJ is updating twitter with the latest changes.  

If you decide to play remember this is the beta/alpha We will be working on changes all the time and it may or may not reset without notice.   We need as much play testing as we can.  Alot of changes coming down the pike so keep your eyes peeled.

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 Oct 21, 2009 - 2:12 am

Title: Thunderdome is back!!!

Well after many a nudge... I have brought back a rejuvenated thunderdome game.   Most of the rules are similar to what they were before.   No bounties, 150 sectors.   The one thing that is different is when you lose your ship you go into a 10 min time out and then you can log back in and do battle again.  Gone is the time of having to re-register.   Note if you want to be in the scoreboard, you have to register your profile.

You can get to it by going to http://thunderdome.aatraders.com

Good luck...  Its crazy addictive!!!

I also got a bit creative and composited a new front page screen to replace the old aatrade flash screen.  Let me know what you think!!

 Apr 4, 2009 - 8:16 pm

Title: Noobie idea

As I am not in the game yet and have only been watching from the sideline we came up with an idea to help some of the new players.  I call it the safety switch.  As your moving through space and have the safety switch turned on, if you are leaving fed space you would get a warning "You are about to leave the safety of federal space.  Uncharted space can be dangerous.  Are you sure you want to leave?"  This might keep startup players from the mine kills a bit longer.  Not a big change but would help em a bit.

Its not in the game yet but I gotta twist PJs arm on the possibility.

 Apr 1, 2009 - 6:55 am

Title: Final Main Scores March 31, 2009

Here are the final scores for the Main ending March 31, 2009

 Mar 27, 2009 - 1:32 pm

Title: Twitter me an #aatrade

For those that have not looked at it. Take a good look at twitter.  At first glance its a simple 140 character blogging tool.  But in reality its much more.  

The really cool thing is the networking and relationship aspect of it.  I monitor a few different twitter groups (havent had time to really look at more) But the key is to download a good client like twhirl the true power is monitoring a group.  I am working alot these days with the Drupal CMS so I monitor the #drupal group.  I have found that alot of people post twitter messages with announcements, questions and just what they are doing, then they attach a group to it so if someone is searching for people in the same group, they too can see the messages.  

How can anyone do this?
Well its very simple.  First off its nice to know if the group exists.  You can find the different registered groups at a couple different places.  The first place is Twitter Groups the other is We Follow

Now that you know what group your interested in.  And you  have a post that relates all you do is send a twitter message and attach the tag to your message.

"Just posted a new blog at #aatrade "

or you can post to multiple groups.  I had done a site for a local radio show and we are going to post to his twitter group as well as the local city group so I could do a post like this:

"Hey check out the #chuckzink show computer talk on sat mornings at 10:00am #SGF "

So when you do a search for either #chuckzink or a search for #SGF it shows up in the search.

Now when you use twitter search for #aatrade or twhirl to seach for it, now you see all messages posted by anyone related to the #aatrade group.  

Why would you want to monitor a Twitter group?  
Well since this is an aatraders blog, if I post a new blog entry and I want the world to know its there, anyone monitoring the #aatrade group will be notified that there is a new message and if you attach a url, they will know how to get to your blog.  The notification capability rocks!.

Now why are we using it?  
The plan is as things get done in aatrade its a nice simple place to post a quick little message with a link if one exists and now everyone that is monitoring will know about it. Also if someone find a bug, thye could post it to the group if its not a game killer bug and we will be notified immediately.   Its a nice way that we can quickly interact with users.    

Now you can send a message to our direct aatrade twitter account and not the group by just sending to @aatrade.  I know, I know more lingo   

The aatrade group link is here: http://twittgroups.com/group/aatrade

If you have any questions let me know and I can help you through it.  

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 Jan 3, 2009 - 1:31 pm

Title: New Game

Looks like the games off to a good start.  Only a couple days and we are up to 46 players.  

Welcome back PhirePhly!  Nice to see the return of good players.  

I'm currently standing on the sidelines and watching.  I'm gonna give a good 500K tp 1M point head start before I show up!  

Good luck to all!

If anyone wants to be a Guide PM me and I can set you up!  Note, guides have to be profiled players and players with a good knowledge of the game.  

 Jan 1, 2009 - 5:01 pm

Title: Happy AATrade 2009

Its a new year in the world of AAT.  Alot has changed in the game over the years, and we hope to see more changes in the future.    

Just thought I would wish everyone a happy new year and hope 2009 is better than 2008!

 Dec 19, 2008 - 11:39 am

Title: End of game countdown

Looks like this game is winding down in preparation for a new beginning for the new year.  Seems in the final week or so there has been a little more complaining than usual.  Some players that just started have not played for a while and seem to expect things to work just like they used to.

While we know you think we have made changes to punish some of you, this is not the case.  All the changes you have seen over the past few games have been for the betterment and balance of the game.  Here is a list of major ones that have changed over the past few games:

    No more build kills.  Large players were taking advantage of smaller players that were floating in space.  They would build planets around them, then they were giving the opportunity for a quick kill.  While this has been changed it is not completely gone.  You can still do it, but basing the planets isn't the only thing.  You have to have ownership of the majority of the planets in the sector.  Ownership means you have to hold the planets long enough that the production percentages show on the plant.  This can take up to 4 days.  

    Credits were too easily moved to smaller players.  Team or un-teamed.  If someone tries to take a planet that exceeds he net worth limit it will blow up.  If someone tries to capture a planet where there is a ship that is greater than their networth, the ship will Ewarp away, or will explode if its above the players range.   Team mates can only take a percentage of credits from a team cash planet once per day.  

    Bounties are heavily Taxed.  Another way players were trying to move large sums of credits was to put a bounty on someone and then another player would kill the player for a quick credit boost.  Now again its based on your networth.  The fed will tax based on networth.

    Opposing alignment attacks are deactivated.  Too many large players were pummeling smaller players.  This made it too hard for a new player to get moving and they had no easy way to get back to neutral.  

    Independent Planets go indy more often the more plants you have.  50 planets is the max that there will never be indies.   Tagging planets help, but the chances are just lower that they will go indy and as you get more planets the more chance of indy they will be.   While I really don't like this one as much, the primary purpose is to take the load off the database.  The more planets in the game the more database load, in order for others to be able to run our game on any host we have to set some way to limit that.

    Fed Bounties can be very evil.  3 or more fed bounties in less that 4 days gets you attacked by the feds weather they are paid or not.  You get 5 bounties, you lose your ship,6 and it gets real nasty (I'll have to review the forums as I have forgotten what happens next)

Off the top of my head these are the major changes that have happened.   It has really balanced game play without hurting too much.  Many hate the changes, but if you would just try to play the game instead of finding ways around the limits that have been put in place you can still compete real well.

One of the bright spots was the new probes.  I'd like to see even more probe types as they are soooo coool.  And perhaps we will see some newer ones soon.

I get comments at times, why are you punishing us.  We are not.  We are trying to create a game where its very balanced and fair for all.  If you step out of your shoes a little and think about what is good, right and fair you will see much of these have been put in to keep the game balanced.  Other changes are based on server load.  

Where are we headed?
There are many things we are planning for the future.  I am going to throw out some of the ideas we have had so you can see we really don't hate the players.  If we did, why would we put the time and effort into something that is free and actually costs us more than it makes us.  

Note:  These are ideas, they may or may not be implemented in the next game or a few games down the road.

    Fed Auto Declaration of war.  This idea is to replace the alignment stuff that we got rid of.  The original design of the opposing alignment was to give an attacked larger player some recourse.  Obviously it backfires and didnt work.  The plan now is if someone attacks and takes so much of your networth in less than 24 hours the fed will declare that the attacker has declared war and bounties will be removed from the attacker for up to a 24 hour period.  This way the attakee can return the favor and recover some of his lost property and get a little revenge.

    Trading to become more prevalent in the game.  The plan is to have commodities values go up the father you are away from sol.  So the close in sectors have one price and the sectors on the edge have another price.   Going hand in hand with this is trades from planets with autotrades will reap higher trade values than a normal trade.

    Port ownership.  The ability and supply a port and set pricing on the planet commodities.  Careful not to get robbed.  Its gonna be a way that you can off load extra planet commodities and sell them, and will become another profit center if your port is traded at a lot.

    More commodities, this is actually coded in the game but we have not turned it on yet.  I like the idea of obscure higher value commodities.  Can make trading even MORE lucrative.

    Research and build enabled.  This is the biggie.  I really think we need to get some new stuff for this real soon, after all we have had the option on the planets for some time, would be nice if they actually did something   

    This is just a snapshot.  We will have a lot of work ahead of us.  PJ still wants to work over combat a bit.  I have mixed opinions on it, but we will just have to wait and see.

    Everyone, if you have things you would like to see, feel free to make suggestions, while we dont take on all the suggestions, some of the best ideas come from the users.  Note, anything we add needs some balance, it shouldn't give one person too much of an advantage, and there should always be a counter for it of some kind.  

    Been a while since I blogged...  Been a real interesting fall.  Can't wait for the new year and we can get out of this messy fall

 Aug 6, 2008 - 11:27 am

Title: Fantasy Football Anyone?

While this is unrelated to AAT....

I'm putting together a Fantasy Football League this year, any takers?  I need someone that can out stat me...

We have 3 players so far and we need at least 10 more to make it challenging.  Here is the link with the info:


We will be making a few scoring adjustments depending on the number of teams that play.  

I usually play in at least 2 leagues and I hope this one will be as much fun as the others.  I expect to see alot of smack talking just like my other ones....

So... Oakyman, and LordTontro, Your goin DOWN!

 Jul 12, 2008 - 3:00 pm

Title: Under the weather and in pain!

Well I will be in and out over the next few days.  I got the experience what it feels like to have holes in your stomach...  Nope not a bad thing.  Have what is know as a belly button hernia, decided I'd rather get it taken care of now than later when something bad happens.   Now I am thinking I am unsure which would have been worse.

Getting any stomach muscles cut on is a bad thing!!! EEEK PAIN, good drugs though.

On the bright side I got this cool bed desk that tilts so I may yet get to play.  Still a maybe some of you I have talked to some of ya  I haven't... Be interesting what my code looks like if I take the time to program a little.... I call that code... WTF Code.   Its code you do on drugs, then come back to and say WTF, was I on drugs when I wrote that?  This time I can say YES!  

Wish me luck, the wife isn't much of a caregiver and I am making her absolutely insane

 Apr 28, 2008 - 9:53 am

Title: It it still worth it?

I have been playing, helping develop this game for about 5 years. We created this game as a hobby, and we love to play. What we strive to create was a game where there was a great community spirit and a game where new players could play, learn and enjoy the game. A game that was so very balanced it was a fair for the large player as well as the smallest player.

However, recent events have really made me wonder if I even want to continue to do this. Out of our own pockets we pay for the hosting, we spend many hours developing ideas, balancing out solutions and trying to make a game that everyone enjoys. I take the time to play and work through solutions to help balance a game that can run away one way or the other. So when we make a change to fix a problem, instead of thinking "Wow, yeah that is a problem" I hear "The Programmers and Admins are cheaters" it makes me wonder why I do this. Maybe we should just shut down the server and the game development for a while and see if it matters to anyone. I know I would miss it, but I would get some real life work done.

Yes this is a rant. No, I won't shut it down.....Yet. But how about everyone think about how you can keep players from quiting. Maybe the players can be less of a bully and be constructive and willing to teach the smaller guy. That doesn't mean you pod them and then say ok now I will show you what to do. A community is only as good as the people in it. If all the people are bullies and thungs, the game will eventually die. It wont matter what we do to fix it. I only hope everyone starts thinking of what they can do to help make the game better and a place they will want to spend time in rather than how can I keep the low players down.

 Apr 13, 2008 - 11:36 pm

Title: PhirePhly End of an Era

Its an end of an Era.  It appears that PhirePhly has decided to leave the AAT Community.  I do not know what led to her decision, I only hope that one day she will return.  

Phire,  you are one of the most level headed and lighthearted players I have had the pleasure to play with, as well as against.  You have always taken the attacks time and time again without taking any of them seriously as personal attacks.  This is a lesson that all players should learn from.  Its only a game, and you should be able to attack both your friends and enemies alike.  

Phire was also one of the best builders in the game.  She could probably learn to be an attacker but I don't think her heart would be in it.  

Her writing was always very entertaining and the stories will be missed as they were always a joy to read.

Phire, we salute you, may your coming journey be joyous and remember you always have friends in the AAT world that will welcome you back.

 Dec 22, 2007 - 12:17 pm

Title: Happy Hollidays to all!

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all!!!

And what Big said.    

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!  

May your ship survive the holidays and your planets not revolt.  May those planets retain their ownership and not go indy, at least through the holidays  

 Jun 27, 2007 - 1:24 pm

Title: Happy Bday PJ!

Well PJ will hate this... but he made the mistake saying he was gettin so old he forgot it was his Bday yesterday.    So I thought I'd post a happy Bday Blog.

So Happy Bday PJ, take a day off and play a game, sit by a pool, relax or something.  

If your like the rest of us old "Geezers" out there its your many year consecutive 25th Bday.

Happy Big 25th Bday again a day late

 May 14, 2007 - 9:41 pm

Title: Tournament Comments

I will reserve my comments for after the tourney... Until that time this place will be empty.  After that watch this bat channel.

 Jan 2, 2007 - 12:38 pm

Title: Its Lucky 2007 My Team made the Playoffs!!!

Well this year is starting out lucky so far.  I know this isnt an aatrade sided blog, but my team( KC Chiefs) made the playoffs.  

4 things had to occur on Sunday in order for this to happen.

1 -  we had to beat Jacksonville at home.... Check!

2 - Pittsburgh had to beat Cincinnati at Home .... Check!

3 - New England Had to beat Vince Young's, Tennessee Titans...  Check!

4 - San Francisco 49ers and Frank Gore had to beat the Denver Broncos and Jake Cutler at Home..... CHECK!!!!!

So now we get to Play the poor run defense of Peyton Manning's  Indianapolis Colts.  Do you really think they can stop LJ?  I don't think so, but expect it to be a shootout.  My guess its gonna come down to a 36-30 point game....should be fun to watch.

On the AATRADE front.  The main game has started out real well... there are alot of Sector Missile Sniping going on.  The Ice Pirates have dominated the top spot and run off  couple players.  I hope to see them back in action soon. My team is moving up the rank quickly.... maybe we can knock em out.... But ice pirates have one "Big"  handycap....  If their top player lasts another week or so without getting bored and SDing it will be a miracle.  :-)

 Nov 24, 2006 - 1:13 am

Title: Spam Spam SPam Get out of MY HOUSE!

One of the biggest things that we all see on hollidays is the evil Link spam in our forums.  Especially with everyone taking hollidays.  PJ's away... Tarnus gets to play

After loging in and deleting 5 of these, I decided I was tired of playing spam tag.  So I search the net and found a nice little mod that prevents new users from posting urls in thier posts.  Lets hope I have stomped out the evil spammers.  Now they will have to be real users for a while before they are granted the privaleges of being able to post urls to OUR FORUM.

This is my Thanksgiving gift to all.  A Spam free forum   Happy Turkey day...  Now I'm off to bed, the turkey is putting me to sleep.

 Sep 9, 2006 - 1:24 am

Title: It Fun time!

Just a note to all those playerts out there... better login to the main and bump your new SD levels... I plan on loging in and taking more planets from you....  Fear the "ONE"  

Just another note to attackers who have went somewhere else... the balance has levled out... its time to come back and join in the fun

 Aug 30, 2006 - 11:47 pm

Title: Where oh where has everyone gone?

Well I know its been a while since everyone has seen a change in the game.  But more stuff is on the way.  After a summer of ups and downs and unexpected delays.  We have finally put the new SD planet levels on the beta server  more info on this can be found Here and on the Changelog

PJ is frantically working on some of the many other changes and fixes.  But we can't know how well they are working without the help of the great players out there.  We need volunteers to play the beta so we can migrate to the main game and rapidly approach a release version as soon as possible.  We hope with this new batch of changes we have fixed the balance issues we have had and will approach a time where .21 will be phased out and .30 will be the new standard.  

Who knows this works real well and we might see if we can get someone to host a new tourney game using .30 as a base   

Please report any bugs you find to the Bug Tracker

Thanks in advance for any input and bug reports you may find.

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 Jul 16, 2006 - 5:32 pm

Title: Game Development slowdown

Sorry folks, just thought I'd let you know its my fault some of the bug fixes and new stuff hasnt been added.  I've gotten a bit overwelmed with work and have recruited PJ's help ona couple projects.  

Good stuff is coming so please be patient.

Off topic:

If anyone is good at flash actionscript I'm in a bit of a bind.  I have a deadline project that I need a small addition created in actionscript for.  
One of the guys I was gonna have do it for me a few days ago has hung me out to dry... promised it would be done early yesterday yet everytime I IM him, he mysteriously disconects from he MSN...not cool.   I'd much rather someone just tell me they can't do it rather than say they are workin on it and then dissappear on me ...ARGH!  Last time I use those guys or recomend them to anyone....

Here is what I am looking for, and would be ever so grateful if someone knows how to do this.

Here is the problem:

I have 9 or more dynamic buttons, once one of these buttons are pressed I need to be able to drop 6 buttons over the top of the selected button. The 6 buttons are dynamically generated based on the contents of an xml element not being null.
Then once one of those buttons are pressed it calls a function that will load the image url that was in th xml element into a position we designated. This part I have a function call already done for.

I need it to work like a popup menu so its up to 6 buttons with text titles in them.

If your a flash programmer this may not sound too hard, but for me its a nightmare.  I'm a much better web programmer

Spent my weekend wrappingmyself around OOP programming a bit.  Us old folks are too used to the old way of programming

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 Jul 1, 2006 - 11:53 pm

Title: Somedays ya should just leave your ship parked...

Well today is the one day I should have left my ship parked... My 15 moves of aggression have failed misserable... I think I should have went to bed

First thought... I decided to try to take some of my planets back... A&R...BOOM! 5 trill in damage.   Mistake numero uno.    So... I take out a loan, repair my ship.  Lets try another sector... I cloak in take a look, hmmm, these planets dont look too bad, should be an easy attack... so forgetting there was SD in the sector I pull the trigger.... WOW!  I'm podded what the hell... then it hits me..GAWD!  I forgot to clear the SD... I deserved to lose the ship, Oh well...  mistakes happen to the best of us.  

I'm headin to bed now......

 Jun 13, 2006 - 3:25 pm

Title: Grrr

Pet Peave of the day:
Clients who email regularly to thier clients, but when it comes to reaching me, they call 8 times, leave no messages, no support tickets, no  emails saying what they need.  So what will happen, probably more hangups.  Don't they realize its a perfect day to sit on the deck and work wirelessly!

Its awefully funny when technology companies fail to use the tools that sit in front of them.  

 Jun 8, 2006 - 4:59 pm

Title: Changelog Revisited

KZ had a good point, no one really knows what version is currently running on the game.  Well as I make changes to the changelog, I'm going to date stamp them.  The top of the page will show what the latest date we made a change was, and under the section heading where  an update occured there will be a date as well.  That way it will be easier to track down the newest updates so you can easily find out whats new.  

Once the beta resets I'll probably footnote things with a Current Beta or Main footnote, to diferentiate the changes.  Don't forget to check the changelog often, you may find yourself doing something that will bite you.  

Changelog Updated June 8th 2006

 Jun 6, 2006 - 10:32 pm

Title: AAT .30 Changelog

Well since I lost it in my blog here is the link.  I just updated it with the latest addition PJ made.  Hopel cnstay on top of it so we won't miss anything:

Change Log

 Jan 13, 2006 - 11:48 am

Title: .30 the next generation

Well we have reset the Main and made some adjustments and I think we have made changes for the betterment.  Initially when I started this one it took me 6500 truns to even get to a point where I thought I could build a planet confortably.  Whew... so being a veteran player I figured if I had to fight so hard to get here, then the noobs (New players) were going to be dropping like flies.  

PJ and I went through many discussions on what we could do to make a new users life easier.  And we came up with it at lunch yesterday.  

Fed sectors in the old game were the first 50 plus sectors... when we were not naming them, they were easier to find.  Since .30 we started naming sectors so fed space was really worthless as you couldnt find thise sectors to even use as trading sectors to startout.  And they were so scatered around the universe they really didnt help the new player.

The Solution:  Fed space was moved with in 10 hops with a level 15 engine of sol.  A F> was put in front of fed sectors so if you got lost somewhere in space you just have to warp till you find a fed sector and you can easily limp back to fed space.  Finding traderoutes in fed space is much easier now.  So as you get your pioneer up to speed you can safely leave fed space once your ready to build planets and expand your glactic imfluences.

To keep larger players from using these easier areas of trade, they are banned from trading in fed space once they are above avg level 8 or have more than 1 ship.  

One other addition that a buddy of our sugested is to color code thwo way links... Now two way links are green.  

Everythings slowly coming together, for those who havent played the new reset yet. Port to port and port to planet trades are now working so you can populate your planets much more easily.  Note it IS still beta so there maybe bugs we have missed so please report them in the bug tracker....

Watch your backs ya never know who you maybe podding.  

 Dec 25, 2005 - 12:29 pm

Title: Nothing like a Christmas Visit from the Murphys law Santa

Well as many of you are well aware of we got to move the server temporarily to a new box on thurday.   Couldnt have happen at a more in-opportune time.   PJ was headed home for the hollidays and I had my own family stuff planned.  So instead of making a trip and spending all day friday rebuilding the old server we decided just to move it to a temporary box.  

Knowing this was a possibility I had backed up everything 2 days earlier.  So everything is a little out of date.  PJ uploaded what I thought was new code(later I find out he only uploaded existing code)  and he headed for home.  So I was left to reset both games and get it all runnin.  At the start I made some interesting adjustments.  But for some reason my changes really hoarked up the planet pricing...  it worked, but it worked strangely as I had decimal number like you couldnt believe for planet prices.... while most people thought they were outrageous they were actually right but the decimal carried the floating point number out like 10 digits.    Well that being fixed we started the new game and then I discovered PJ hadnt uploaded the port to planet code....sigh...
a few people started to whine, so here it is xmas.  SO I decided to step away for the hollidays and ignore any whining till PJ gets back   

SO to all, Happy Hollidays and please remeber what is important...  Real life and family if you havent figured it out.  The game can wait till you spend time with the ones you love.  You never know when they may not be around to enjoy.  

Merry Xmas to all and happy hollidays, I'll try not to pod anyone today

 Nov 16, 2005 - 1:35 pm

Title: Help - New .30 Addition I need some input for - Stock Market

The discusion for this topic is on the forums http://aatraders.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?127403b5664c4b6376c060888472eaef299ccd9048a51453

AAtrade Stock Market
PJ, and I had a discussion of possibly doing an AAtrade Stock Market - A while back this was discussed as a suggestion and we nixed it due to the fact that there really wasn't a chance to completely wipe a player out once they get so large. With .30 this all changed, so scores can fluctuate quite a bit making a viability of a stock market a little more interesting.

Let me line out the premise to this a little and then everyone can give me their input, likes and dislikes. Please remember everything needs balance and we don't want to create runaways with a simple game option. If I am way off base with my thoughts please feel to pipe in.

Like any stock market you will have the opportunity to buy and sell shares. Each Player in the game once they reach a specific score becomes a "Corporation" per say. Each Team in essence is a Mutual Fund. My basic rules are as follows and are subject to change:

- you can only invest up to 25% of your net worth.
- Investing in teams give you less risk in your investment but your overall yield will be lower because your investment is split equally among each player in that team. Much like a Mutual fund.
- credits put into an investment can not be taken out for 48 hours from the time you put it into the stock market.
- credits withdrawn from the market early is subject to a 30% penalty.
- Once you have bought stock you can sell it and buy another stock once the 48 hour time period has passed.
- Once a player/team has a minimal of 10 planets they will be listed on the stock exchange
- Earnings are calculated on how well a player does. Efficiency, kills, captures, Number of colonists, planets, planet techs, Ships, SHip techs, score.

Things that effect stock price:
player losing a planet -
players building planets +
Alignment flips -
Ship Losses -
Ship Captures +
Efficiency increases +
Planetary disasters -
Planet Independence -
Ship upgrades +
planet upgrades +
Destroying planets -
Fed Bounties -
The more shares that are bought the price will go up depending on the total amount of shares available. +
shares sold will decrease the price of the stock depending on the total number of available shares -

So this is the basic concept so far. Now I'm in a dilemma as to how many shares are available at any one time, and how to set the initial pricing and point system to determine the price of the stock at any given time. So please everyone chime in with your suggestions on how best to make this work, so we can have one more evilly addicting thing in the game

Other .30 things we are working on or thinking about
Well several things on the horizon that relate to multiple ships.  After the next alpha reset there will be a new report available called "Stored Ship Report"   This will tell you where all the ships you have in the game are located, including what levels it has and what planet and sector that it is in.  

Another thing that I'll be adding is a place on the planet screen that tells how many ships are on that planet.   So you wont have to take the time to go into the shipyard and look.

The shipyard will be revamped to show what ships are in storage and I think we will give you the ability to name each ship so you can more easily pull the ship you want out of storage to use.

One of the bigest problems I have seem is figuring out how to move a ship that you either purchased, stored or captured whne you took the planet.  We are working on a concept of a ship transport.  You will be able to pay a fee and the ship is moved to the planet of your choice, or a transport will take your ship sector by sectot to your destination, however with this option the transport ship can be shot and you could lose that captured ship.  If you see a transport ship you will not have any cluse whose ship is being transported so if you destoy it, you may very well be killing your own or a team mates transported ships.

Well thats all for now, I may edit this later, please be sure to give me your input on the stock market stuff.

 Oct 29, 2005 - 11:28 pm

Title: Attackers beware!

Just thought I'd give a heads up on a couple features we promised that are now in the new alpha version.

Sector Defence will now attack if you attack a planet while thye are on guard.  So don't expect to cloak in and take the planets at will anymore without the sector defence making you pay for your insolence

Sector Novas now will ony damage ships and sector defence.  If you want to do planet damage your going to have to target the planet, but then you risk the change that its goild to blow the whole thing up

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting Trade routes (so am I)  This version has completely changed how and how many different comodities can be in the game so we were not able to just band aid it like expected.  One of the slowdowns was the addition of the 5th comodity that will be on the planet.  This comodity will determine the planetary alignment.  Yes, you guessed it, certaim comoditis will have a good alignment and certail once will have an evil alignment.  So some players will find even trading and building planets may cause them to steer evil.  

Another note about the new bounty system, the highest player on your team will determine the overall team alignment.  So if your highest scored player is inherently evil, all the team maktes will be consideered evil.  

I've been squashin the bugs as fast as I find them, so if you think its a bug please post it to the bug tracker.

 Oct 22, 2005 - 1:20 am

Title: Stupid variables

Well I think I now have fixed all the places where you can lose a pod.  With the game change we have different ways of storing devices and in turn anytime you did something where your ship could be blown, it looked in the new place for a pod and it was missing,  adn hence you are dead...dead...DEAD.  Should be fixed now.   Just let me know if I missed anything.

Sector D Should now be working...took me half the day to wrap my head around this one.  But cross your fingers I hope its workin now

PJ says the new trade route code is just on the horizon.   Keep the Faith!  We will have em back soon

 Oct 21, 2005 - 1:37 am

Title: Let loose the hounds!

Status update:  While PJ slaves away I've been stompin some misc bugs.  Added in the bounty ** on the ranking page like we had on the last Main game.

And the big kahuna....... I fixed planet combat!    So guess what everyone.... just when you thought it was safe to wander around the universe aimlessly.....  Now evil has a new name and that is Planet Combat!  

Good luck everyone!

 Oct 19, 2005 - 12:34 am

Title: Testing 1,2,3 ...Testing...

Well its been a rough start.   But a good start.  I think so far the test server has gone very well.  I am simply amazed at the wonderful community we have.  This game would not be where it is at without all the great users we have.   I want to give my personal thants to everyone helping with the test.  Your Feedback and bug reports are important to us!  We couldnt make this game work as well with out them.

Speaking of Bug reports.   Today I installed some Bug tracking software to help not only us find a bug, but will enable you the user to now see what bugs we have stomped as well as what bugs are currently in the queue.  I even convinced PJ to use it...and THAT's a feat in itself

So please report any bugs to: http://www.aatraders.com/bugtrack/index.php

For those of you that want to play a real game again, I'm working on a deal to host a new .21 Server on a buddies machine.   Once he squares a few things away, I'll get it set up, with the settings we had in the old main... I'm not certain how long it will last as once the new version is up and running 100% I plan on reseting that game... Will Keep everyone posted.  

Things to report:

SG are working!!   For those of you that have tried them you know....  You will be able to name the Sector you build with an SG, or the system will automatically name it for you.  SG's are much tougher to find in this version, unless you name them funny...be cautious you might be found?   One other evil/good thing I did was you can now link SG's to not only the outside world, but to other SG's!  Yes, I expect to see some evil SG Mazes, with the new naming its pretty tough to navigate through them but imaging linking to an enemy SG...course you have to know the name and the max number of links can not be exceeded.... Have fun with this one!

Working on a tighter version of the menu templates.   PJ found  a CSS based menu and I'm working on getting it converted to work.  Should cut a chunk of memory out as the javascript based one was HUGE!  

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 Sep 13, 2005 - 11:35 pm

Title: In the eye of the beholder

Well I just couldn't sit here and let an imbecile diss all the hard work that has gone into making this game better for everyone.   It has been well over a year from the last major release.   We don't have to create this game, nor do we have to even run this server, after all  we don't get paid for this.  We do however get the satisfaction of making the game that much more fun for ourselves as well as others to play.

There is nothing more irritating than someone judging something they have not seen, have not played, nor had no experience in.   And then say it will die off in 4 months...   Seems they said the same thing about TV, Radio and the Internet at one time.  

Truly great games are a work in progress, we have never faltered in our plans to continue the development and add better and better things to the game.  For those that wish to stay in your rutt..."YOU DON'T HAVE TO PLAY!"  In fact I'd as soon see you go play somewhere else as to sit there and whine and tell me how hard it is.  Grow up... Life is hard... games that are too easy have no value.  Games that require skill and work and true thinking will only help you grow.

AAtrade will live on without you.  As it gets better and better.  There are many of us that have been waiting a very long time for the opportunity to play something different, something challenging and something that will make it even harder to sleep at night   

To my comrades in arms prepare yourselves, the upcoming battles will be brutal.  

 Aug 15, 2005 - 3:12 pm

Title: Gloating 101

Some people just crack me up.  They pod you in a stealth while you were sleeping and then they tend to act like they should be nominated for some great killing prize, by gloating about it in the shout box.
So now the time comes to teach some of you the rules of gloating.  

Rule #1 In the process of busting said sector, do not lose a ship in the attempt....should you lose that ship and then kill a ship of equal or less value, you have no gloating rights... they have now become null and void.

Rule #2 Shooting a players ship while they are offline should only be gloated about if that ship is worth anything to that player.  A high level player would not regard a stealth as a deletable kill.  If it were a Voyager or an excelsior, then and only then do you have gloating rights.

Rule #3 Shooting players while they ARE ONLINE opens up gloating rights.  You can pretty much gloat anytime and for any ship you kill when the player is online.  Primarily because there is risk involved with any online attack.  And you just never know what will happen while attacking players online.

Rule #4 If you kill a player out of the game, you can gloat, but what good does it do you...thats like balking to a wall.  Unless there are teammates in which case then you can gloat.

Rule#5 Gloating requires a sense of style... Do not use any other players methods of gloating.  This just  makes you another loser copycat.   Gloating is a skill and doing it right with the right finesse will cause a player reading the shoutbox a little chuckle... the goal is to have fun, gloat to much and then you just look like an ass.  

That's all for now folks if you come up with any additional gloating rules, send them to me and I'll add them to my list

 May 19, 2005 - 11:11 pm

Title: Time for a break!

Well this will be the last you see of me for the next week.   (unless of course I happen to see an internet cafe somewhere) I'm taking a long awaited vacation for the next 7 days so be nice to PJ while I am gone.... If I hapen to find an internet cafe I may send some pictures.

Tourney:  For those of you that think I am done think again, I recruited an appropriate sub... won't say who, but they are appropriate.  Its been a tough game going, being on one of the teams that are just gettin beat to pulp has really shown me how bad we need the new version... there are alot of holes that need to be filled to make it a bit tougher for attackers to anilate your SD at will.  Some things you will see in the new versions will be as follows.

1 - Optional Time limits.   Limits players for so much omline time per day so they will have to maneage thier time or find themselves not able to login when they are in real trouble.

2 - SG's will be named by the players that create them.  No longer will a player be able to pull up a galaxy map and know what the number of an SG is so they can nav for it.

3 - Sequential seraches ... say bye bye...   A hunter will have to explore the univers to find theier prey.  New version will have an X Y grid for navigatiom, all templates that use sector nubers will be gone, in fact sector numbers will become alpha numeric

4 - Smarter Sector Defences ....  No longer will y9ou be able to cloak a sector defence and just take the planet, Oh no!  The pain of it all, ya cloak SD and decide to attack a planet, you will find your self scraping your carcass off the floor when that SD turns on you.

5 - Galaxy map will only show what sectors you have scanned or visted.  other than that you have to use warp links or the nav grid to exploe the univers.

There is more but his puppy needs to shower and goto bed... I get up in 3 hours to fly out of here!

Have fun everyone .... I'll be thinking of you while I'm on that beach drinking a margarita...  

 May 4, 2005 - 4:06 pm

Title: Hell is comin!

Prepare yourselves... Tarnus has had a bad week and no weekend.  If I don't get a chance to level off this stress somewhere, you will find great carnage in the days to come...  Just a warning....  If you find your self podded...remember, nothin personal

 Feb 15, 2005 - 2:37 pm

Title: Big Brother is in da house!

Well folks ole Tarnus has added his own touch to making an admin tool that will help an admin determine if a player is cheating or not.  My own version of big brother   Gone are  the times when someone would sneak something by an admin.  This is version 1 I got a bit more teaking to do but its currently being used on both the tourney server and the main server.

This was created so we could track users that were a little questionable.  Its going to be especially handy to alf for the tourneys he has been running.  

If an admin can think of anything I have missed that would make his life wasier please let me know.  Its not perfect, but its gettinge there

A word to the wise.... if its too easy, its probably a bug and you should report it so we can fix it and make this game as fair as possible to all!!!

I have already tracked and sealed one hole up that some users were using, its only a matter of time before I find anything else that stands out so players beware!!!

 Feb 10, 2005 - 9:48 pm

Title: Big Brother

Well Surprise, if anyone didn't know it already, I installed the new admin logging into the tourney server.  I can see every move you make, what variables are passed and how quickly you execute commands.  So PLAYER BEWARE if me, or alf catch you exploiting the system... OUT YOU GO!

On to the good news.   So far I have found NO ONE doing anything out of the ordinary.  The players in that game, are doing everything that any other player can do.  

So cut the yelling FOUL CRAP!  What I really think is going on, is the players in the semis thought since none of the superstars were playing, that it was going to be an easy game.  As you can tell, this is not the case.  

One more thing to remember.  This is a SINGLES tourney, no one is your friend.  DO NOT turn your back on anyone, or expect not to be attacked by another player.   Any player, may attack you at any time and any place.  They are not your friends.  This is like survivor, they may say one thing, but be prepared to be voted off the island when you reach tribal council

 Feb 8, 2005 - 1:58 pm

Title: Sigh...

OK folks.... Please stop the name calling.  No one will be banned or kicked out unless there is 100% proof.  Slim seems like a very good player.  I can't conclude anything he has done is cheating at this time.  I am working closely with alf and we are watching the tourney game closely.  

Just because a player is doing good, does not mean he is cheating.  I just had a discussion about this with another game admin, he had drawn some conclusions that somehow he thought I was cheating in his game (I was playing under an alias He just thought some noob had found a hole in the game.  I fianlly decided I better pull him into a chat and discuss it rather than let him continue drawing those conclusion... in that chat I excplained what I was doing and how.  In the end it helped him find a few bugs in thier code.

If you are using something that is an undocumented feature, don't assume because you can do it , it is legal.  

There are legal  ways to find SG's so lets not assume the worse unless we have proof.  Without proof, your just a good player... if I get proof....

The gloves come off and I will point fingers!!

 Feb 1, 2005 - 12:19 am

Title: Anyone seen My Shadow?

Deja Vu, groundhog day, or whatever, the timer seems to be repeating itself.  If this was April 1st, I imagine this would be our cruel way of taunting you and saying... Made ya look

But this is not the case....  PJ's been under the weather, suffering a huge migraine since Friday.  Please bare with us he will get better.  Yes it feels like we are crying wolf everyday with the coutdown looming above us... And everyday presents us with another groundhog day loop.

Tonight was probaly my fault, I told PJ we had a pool going as to when the timer would stop.   Not a nice thing to say to someone that doesn't feel good   You can imagine the response I got   

Every one send thier best get wells to PJ, so he can get better and make this day of suffering END!  I for one, am tired of this everlasting ground hog day, I say, let the next day BEGIN!!!

Its like the boy who cryed wolf, everybody showed up the first couple nights the counter went to 0, but now, everyone knows its just gonna begin again.

If we can't end this day, I will probably take the countdown off the site till such a time as PJ feels we can have a countdown that will not restart.  Nothing is more dissapointing than when the timer ends, it starts again.

Your not alone, even I, the co-developer is waiting on pins and needles knowing I have a lot of work ahead of me helping whoop through all the bugs and making template and graphic fixes etc.  

Everyone do your game Voodoo, cross your fingers, and toes, send PJ a nice letter of support, anything we can do to make him feel good enough to make the next deadline!

 Jan 17, 2005 - 11:44 pm

Title: 2 1/2 Days and counting and safe bases 101

Day 2 1/2 and all is well.... Day 2 1/2 and all is well.....

OOps, got busy with work and missed my day 3 update...

Shhh its quiet....almost too quiet... Must be Bears!  

Well still very quiet in the PJ Aread, however we now see a Phase 1 added to the mix.  

On the game front, that blasted Big foiled my plans again and quit the server before I could pod him.  ( I think he relized who was in the game and knew it was just a matter  of time   )  

For those left in that game I have dedicated this Blog to them as they have  along road of learning ahead and I hope this blog will help them along.

Building Safe Bases 101
Once you have traded for a bit you will find that the safety net of Fed space is over, and its time to find a home of your own.  As you are trading note any upgrade ports, what kind of sun they have, number of links to that sector and how far away from fed space it is.  This is very important in planing your first base or any future bases.  Your best upgrade canidate is a Blue star upgrade with 3 links or less and is as close to the edge of the universe as you can get (Note:  this will all change when the new version is done).

When you build that first sector, one of the first things to look at is who is in the game.  If its a new game and you are just getting started, you can relax as everyone is on the same level which makes it a bit easier on you.  If its a no bounty game, a game with one of the more evil players in it,  or one that has been running a while your main base needs to be planned a bit.

#1  - Pull out those notes its time to use them.  Find all upgrade ports as far away from sector 1 as you can, then find the one witch can support the most planet, my choices are a green or a blue star.  The reason we use an upgrade port is because it saves you the most turns to populate and defend. It takes 2 turns vs 4 turns with any other port type.   But as I said this is a starter base and you will probably only be living here temporarily.

Remember building a base in ports just off of sector 1 is just asking for trouble... you will never be able to hold that base, you will always be the target of attacks no matter how much defence you have.  Your dangling candy in front of every new player that comes into the game.  So don't waste your time with it!!!!

# 2 - Fill the sector with planets Once you fill your sector with planets start dropping colonists, the more collonists are on the planet the greater your production and your ability to hold up Sector Defence.  

#3 - Set your zone laws!  Set your zone laws!!  Set your zone laws!!! I say this three times as it is VERY important.  Once you base all your planets you will own the sector, at this time you can click the link above your real space map, and set your zone laws.  Set everything to not allow anyone to do jack.  This will prevent a player from shooting your ship, dropping sector defence in your sector, and from using your upgrade port.  There is nothing worse than forgeting to set your laws ans having some evil player drop a load of mines in your sector and there was nothing you could do but watch. (And hopefully you had the deflectors, and you didn't die on those mines)

#3 - Knock out all 2- way links you can see in your sector with your warp editors.  This may require big power so you may need to build and defend the sector as best you can till your big enough to knock them out.

# 4 -Plan on your first base to be taken  The reason for this is that at the beginning of the game its very easy to miss links to your base, so all the first base is for, is to get your ship big enough so you can start knocking out links and then you can use your Nav computer to find all the links throughout the universe to your sector.  If you run accross a link and someone has visited that sector, chances are your sector is now in the hands of a potential enemy.  You might as well move your base or be prepared to spend alot of time trying to hold your existing one.

# 5 - Set your energy levels high for a while so you can have enough energy to hold up fighters.
make sure your planets have plenty of collonists so they can provide the power you need to hold up fighters.  

#6 - Drop as Many fighters/mines as you can  Plan for this sector to get attacked at sometime.  Look at the players in the game and try to think about what ships are already out there.  If your flying a level 20 endeavor chances are someone else is, so drop approx 4 X what you can carry in fighters, while this may not keep them out it will be a deterent.  If is a game that has been running a while just look at the players that are double your score or less...  they are the ones you really need to worry about... the larger players will get a bounty most of the time.

#7 - Naving Sectors To be the most proficient at finding links to your base, divide the number of sectors by 10 and then pick 10 spots to nav from.  These sectors need to have 4 or more links, this will increase your chances of finding any links to your sectors. The higher your fighter bay level the better chance you have at finding warp links to your sectors.  

Note: You may also discover your enemies that have set links to your sectors, which in turn might have links to thiers

Once you find any links, be sure to remove them with your warp editors.  

#8 - Look at your surroundings  Explore the sectors closest around your base so you know if an enemy has been nearby or there is someone that has set up shop close to you.  

#9 - Sentry probes are your friend Drop a sentry probe (level 21 or greater) in your base and a few sectors around your base, cloak them as high as you can so if someone stumbles accross them they wont be allerted to them being there.

Hope this will help some of those noobs out there to build a little more safely.... Good luck!!!

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 Jan 17, 2005 - 12:14 am

Title: 5 Days and Counting and Good Naving

Well another one of my useless series of messages while we count the days to the........

Or is it .......

Man I keep getting censored!  Ok here it is ..... and the .... think ..... then.....

Oh well derned Doomsday censors suck.....

Coming soon... Guide to building your first base.....

 Jan 16, 2005 - 12:19 am

Title: 6 Days and counting

Earth to PJ, Earth to PJ....  Nope still no answer...

Course I have been fighting servers all day so have not had the time to try and roust PJ and pry any information out of him....

Enquiring minds want to know.....

The one thing I can tell you ... its not a main game reset so all you guys can relax.... when a reset is coming, there will be a date added to the login and a big news item warning everyone so they will know in advance.

More news tommorrow.....

 Jan 14, 2005 - 11:19 pm

Title: 7 Days and counting

I woke up this morning to a slew of messages....

"Wake up, Wake up, whats that timer on the website?"

"Hey...Dude...ummm... Whats the timer for?"

And many other messages.... The messages from the starship PJ have been quiet.  No one seems to know what the countdown is for.  

Do I know what its for?????  No, Yes, Maybe... Only time will tell.  

Tune in tommorrow as I will see if I can pry anything out of the sky.... but as of now....

I know nothink!  

...........at least thats the story I am sticking too

 Dec 23, 2004 - 10:44 am

Title: Happy holidays to all!

Well looks like PJ snuck off to holliday without getting the beta up.  But thats OK, as Family needs to come first.  We may not get to play on the new beta over the hollidays, but we can look forward to a new version for 2005.  Maybe we should go with version naming like so many other so many other game names.... AATRADE 2005 has a nice ring to it   

While PJ had been bustin tail to get as much done as he could I kept handing him ideas that slowed him down, so I'm as much to blame as anyone.  

Lets just say this, when the new version comes out its going to be like a new game.  While most of the strategies will remain, the overall game play, navigation etc will be different.  

Happy Hollidays
I have met alot of cool people this year and I wish you all the very best for the holidays and the new year ahead.  

To everyone else don't be afraid to pop into chat and say hi once and a while.  Once we get the chat running we have a slew of good helpful people to keep you company and help answer gaming questions and anything else we come up with to talk about   

When PJ gets back, I'll be sure to crack the ole whip on him so we can have a new game for the new year.  He didn't tell me when he would be back so who knows when I can get that whip crackin again

Anyways.... remember what is important in life for the holidays and pay attention to those loved ones!  I don't want to hear that someones loved one decided to chuck your computer through the window for xmas, while you were too addicted to pay them any attention

 Nov 28, 2004 - 7:44 pm

Title: ARGH and a forward look

SG's are designed to force a user to go one way into them.  That includes, ships, probes etc.  Although there are slim chances that a ship can Emergency warp into one.  

Since this is the primary design, if someone found away around this, I would expect to be told about it.  I do not like reading in blogs that there is or is not an exploit in a game.  

If SLIM, you used an exploit to Realspace a probe into an SG without going through the front sector.... Shame on you.

Ingeni, if you knew about this as a possibility of a exploit and did not report it to the game admin, then shame on you too.

Anyone that plays the game and uses exploits to win the game or put themselves at an advantage over other players I would consider a cheater.  But with out SOLID prrof, and I mean solid proof ( logs, Screenshots etc....), I cannot in good conscience ban anyone from the game for that.

So if you like this game and you want it to be better ... PLEASE if you know of an exploit or possible exploit it Please PM either me or PJ so we can get it fixed as soon as we can so we can make this game enjoyable for all.

With that being said, there are some interesting things that will prevent and help players to find SG's in the next version.

#1 - Unless you know the name of the sector you will not be able to nav it, with the new naming conventions its gonna be tough to try and find an by knowing how many sectors are in a game.

#2 - When you create an SG you have the opportunity to name the sector.  Hence making it even harder for someone to nav, but remember varying an SG name right off the main sector will make it easier for someone to spot and SGwhile they explore the universe.

#3 - The galaxy map will only show sectors you have visited.  Only the new mini-nav map will show areas you have not visited.

there will be a patch posted shortly for servers to make an update for so while we wait this little hole will be fixed.

#5 - New Probes are coming that will be SG hunter probes.

#6 - this is the evil one, if you know the name of the SG sector you will be able to create an SG to that SG from another SG sector, but if you screw up and get the name wrong, there will be a one way SG link made to your sector to random SG location in the map.

This is a small glimpse, and I hope we can get this thing whooped... but bare with us we got a pile of work to do.

 Sep 7, 2004 - 5:47 pm

Title: My two cents

Just my thoughts on Draft Tourneys.  The quality of a draft tourney is directly proportional to the chosen team captains and thier ability to delagate and contol players.  

I still think the most fun tourneys are draft tourneys as its a challege to figure out how the other teams will pick etc.  

On any team you are going to have trouble makers.  The trick is to figure out how to deal with those players.  Its all about good communications.  I have found teams that use IM and a general chat server seem to do the best.  

Having a team full of superstars is not always the best answer.  The best tourney I played in was the first one by far, the majority of players were fairly new players.  I have never seen a team of players come together and work in a very coherent way as I did in that tourney.  We had huge active teams and everyone strived to help everyone else to win the game.   Everyone contributed and help bankroll the smaller players till everyone was the same level.  Of course this will not happen everytime and that is why there have been many a bad experience with draft tourneys.  There are some players that are "ME" players.  These are the guys that have one goal in mind and that is thier own score.  In a team tourney, its not about the individual its about the team, the more players you bring up with you along the way the faster the team score will grow and the quicker you will do in the enemy team.

I'm not pointing fingers or trying to raise a stink I just wanted to let everyone know why there are both good and bad experiences with draft tourneys.  We will have another one, not sure how soon...keep hoping we get a new software version out... thinking we may just have to have a singles... I may sit out of this time around but ya never know... stranger things have been known to happen

 Aug 12, 2004 - 12:18 am

Title: Wow, now I have a hill to climb...

Well the tourney has recently taken a huge change in events.  In one day I feel like I am the lone wolf against the world.

Big, being in first place anncounced he was going to retire.  While I read it was due to a Real Life Situation and I understand that, I wish he would have given me some form of warning as he has let his team and me down at a time we needed him most.

My team has been incredibly handicaped from the beginning and this makes it one step further away from our demise.

Phaser our team captain is attending a funeral so I do not expect to see him at full speed for a day or so.  

Nambia has been sick for several days and has been unable to devote any time to the game.  Hopefully he will return soon.

Diablo?  I don't know where he is, has seemed to dissapear for the past few days.

Lucy and Count Dooku are hanging in there, they continue to take beating after beating but keep thier heads high and keep trying... I'm proud of them for that.

The Rest of the team... well not much left so.....

Currently it looks like we have 3 players, Lucy, Count and myself.

While I may loose this tourney, it will not be from lack of trying...  You will never see me quit.  You may shoot all my planets, shoot me out of my stealth, but I will continue... and where and when you least expect it I will be that thorn in your side.   So don't think I will go down easy.  

 Jul 28, 2004 - 12:50 am

Title: The Journey Continues...for some...

Well my goal of top ten in the main game is getting closer and closer.  But not without a few side trips and setbacks.  Seems "The Donald" has figured out who I am, and has taken it upon himself to try to slow me down.  He has hired several minions to try and be pain in my backside while I make the accent to top 10.  

This is a warning to all who follow The Donald's advise to attack me... Don't... the body count will continue to grow if you do.

The first poor soul took one sector from me... I left it but managed to find his lair......I then performed the  "The Tarnus Maneuver"  (lol I find it very humorous to have it named after me)  And sector nova'd his ship twice.  This cost him a minimal of 150 bill in repairs.  So simple math tells you... Attack tarnus get a few bill from his planets, get nova'd and now you are now operating at a cash deficit while you limp along and repair your ship.   I hit him about 3 different times till I was afraid I might get a bounty if I continued.  

The next day I notice TD (The Donald) hires a new set of minions and they take one of my sectors... to try and protect them I get a message saying: "Don't do a revenge thing on Martin Pinzon - he's my bitch, lol." ... Well sorry folks I have an affinity to my planets so punishment will be in order.  I patiently await Martin to login and set his planets up for my 10 billion credit bag of tricks....there he is in my site.... Nova away! BAM!!  I cost him almost 2 levels on everything so his repair costs should be at least 300 bill.  So yet again TD conned them into a very costly adventure.

Tonight is where it got entertaining and interesting.  They hit me again while I was away and I got this message:  "Those little punks are nasty - they attack in a group - sorry, I saw 11 bil on your planet and threw the boyz a bone. ha ha".  Well guess what? Its time to make him suffer... What Martin Didn't know was I had a spy on his ship and was tracking his every move... And just when he thought I was about to start in on him he made the gravest mistake you can make in this game.  He bought a stealth, and forgot to supply it with not only EWD's, but an escape pod. Martin was roaming the universe podless and I had a spy on his boat....WOOT!... what fun ...what fun    So we start playing a little cat and mouse and I find him sitting behind asectorr D I can't take out... I figure if Donald can help these guys, then I can get one of my buds to do me a quick favor, and clear some sector D, so I can take him out.  Sector D cleared, I pop in and try to pull the trigger....UGH... they own the sector, and no attacking allowed!!!  He panics, and EWD away... I follow and here he is sitting there trying to figure out what to do next, and Iannihilatee him... "Killed in an Accident"  So he has a 3 day wait till he can come back into the game.    Back to the math again... what is the cost of messing with ole Tarnus's planets... Well Martin had 1.7mill point score and now he's at 0.

Some may find that it was a bit mean to take the guy out of the game, but I can guarantee if you asked him and theopportunityy presented itself, he would have done the same thing.  Now he has learned several valuable lessons.

#1 Don't trust The Donald to send you on a safe adventure.
#2 Always buy a pod!!!  
#3 Don't mess with Tarnus's stuff

 Jul 22, 2004 - 2:57 pm

Title: Is it possible or am I all talk?

After the tourney I decided to take a much needed break and emerge myself in the piles of backlogged work I needed to get done.  After about a week of this I found the need to take some of my frustration out on something so I decided to log into my old account on the main game and found myself purged... Oh well such is life so my choices were to not play or to start over.    "Hmmm, wonder if I can come from nothing and take a top ten spot this late in the game" I say to myself.  Well its worth a try, if I make it I make it, if I don't I don't.  But here is what I'm up against.... 177 players, well over 60,000 sectors a game thats been running for months and top 10 scores from 2.8mill to 14mill, I have a seriously long way to go.  As most of you know I don't like people to know I am playing as I usually get targeted   So you're just going to have to be happy to think of me as Mr X (hmmm thats a good name may have to use that one sometime )

I figure since the main game is a slow paced game I can start out slow and see where it takes me.  In my first day of blowing 6K turns I manage to build 2 sectors worth of growing planets.  Having a full hull on a columbus,good start on an endeavor, and my safety net stealth handy at my side, I manage to move up the ranks while quietly trading.  With 60K sectors you do not have to settle for junk trade routes so I am able to maximize each trade while my efficiency continues to grow.  Day 1 I went from last place to top 125.

I continue my trading and manage to start watching for planets for capture in the future.  I am actually very surprised with the shear number of sectors the amount of planets I have found with very little search efforts, I'm feeling like the Kid on Christmas
Morning just waiting to open up all those presents   So my Endeavor Trade Hull is growing making it a great income ship for saving my penny's for that pretty little Razor thats just calling my name.

After a few days I manage to find an indy planet I can take...WOOT its a pot of gold 2 indy's with 20 bill each.  Thats just the ticket, and on the bright side they are weak ones so I am able to beat them down with my endeavor and take them.  So now I have managed to move myself up into the top 100.  

I talk to Phaser the next morning "What do you bet I can make the top 10 in the main game with in a week or so?"  He says "I'll buy you 3 beers if you don't make it and you buy me 1 if you do"  So here is the dilemma.  If I blow it off I get 3 beers.  If I win I owe a beer....  what to do what to do... not being one not to try I decide to see if I can owe Phaser a beer.... So in the past 2 days I go from top 100 to moving within a few spaces of being in the top 25 spots.  Course this is where the work begins.  I've started making enemies along the way, I have taken anything and everything I can easily get to... you would be amazed at the perfectly good planets laying around with 0 sector defences.  Talk about waving candy in front of a baby... SO I really had no choice but to put those planets to good use along my run for that top 10 spot.  I'm inch's from busting a mill points, I only got a bout 2 mill points to go.

Watch your backs, hide your children, arm your wife! Hell is coming to dinner and flying a mean lean fighting machine to get there

 Jul 7, 2004 - 12:21 am

Title: And just when you thought it was safe

The Sheriff is in town and gonna make you all pay   I've warned them hell was comin for days   And now its here.  The tourney looks to be winding down and from what I can see team Tombstone has it locked.  

I just want to give my thanks to Darsoul for making my afternoon a totally unproductive one   I greatly enjoy the hunt and the cat and mouse game, and he did a good job, but in the end I did pod him   Course he did get moon too congrats!

This 2-person tourney has been rather interesting, but has also made me aware how even good players make mistakes.  So not sure but I think it maybe a while before we have another 2-person.  So that leave us to decide what we want to run in the future.  Singles, Team or Draft??  Everyone has been asking whats it gonna be and honestly I dunno.  I've got my hands pretty full right now so may have to rely on someone else to make the decision as to what it will be   This maybe the time we let a third party be in charge of the next one... any volunteers?

 Jun 23, 2004 - 6:14 pm

Title: Something Wicked this way comes!

Well the tourney is still a few days off and I figured I'd add a few links to give a few words of wisdom from my tourney team character.

This is an appropriate Thunderball/Wyatt Earp Quote

While this is a warning to all in the game whats about to happen to them

Game Stuff
Remember everyone has to have a team mate and each player on the team has to have a profile set.  If you have problems please contact PJ as soon as possible.

Big has been looking forward to test his Luck=Skills against me.  I told him he needs to be careful not to find himself floatin in a pod in sector 1.  So this game should be the most evil game I have played in a while.  

SO big if ya see this be sure to click the links above... they are meant for you

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 Jun 17, 2004 - 3:29 pm

Title: 2-Person Team Tourney

OK I finally posted a start date... I know... I know I don't need a life, the game is life   Well anyways I hope to see everyone out in the tourney.  

Its Payback time!  This will be your chance to get even with the evil twosome (Thunderball and Moonraker)  We all know there are many with grudges so don't hold back, we are adults we can take it   No big thing... If we win, we win, if we lose, you all did a fine job.  But remember, if you see us, either stand and fight, or turn tail and run and hope we don't find you as we will hunt you.

And remember one thing.  Its just a game so if you find yourself floating in sector 1 after a good nights rest, its probably because we found you   MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

 Jun 14, 2004 - 6:34 pm

Title: Here it is yet again

Sigh... ya wait long enough and it always happens.  You work hard in a game, on a server you don't control.  You spend hours and hours winning a game and then it happens....

A smaller player decides to make you his latest target.  My buddy big IM's me telling me I'm losing planets to someone, so I login and patiently come out of my hole.  Back the Big Cadillac out of the garage I have been building for weeks, then I check my spy log to see if maybe my planets hooked me a spy on his ship... and guess what... I'm lucky enough to see a spy...WOOT!  This is where the fun begins.

I wait and watch patiently... I see a shout taunting me which I usually just ignore as I'm focused like a cat watching a mouse.  I see he is in his small stealth so he's hoping to draw me out to see if he might have a spy on the boat...

Mind you during this time PJ is watching over my shoulder while we are bringing the network back up....

I see him stealthily switch to his Excelsior... I Jump to the sector...and...and... OMG! My connection just locked!  ARGH!!! I am so dead... After waiting endlessly where mere secs seem like hours I decide to close the browser and reopen...Login...whoo still alive... And to my luck, no nova has pummeled my work of beauty before I quickly hop back to sector 1.  

I reassess where things are and ... cool the spy his still on his ship, so I wait... and wait... as he is hiding in sector 1.  He gets tossed...once...then twice...then... The Cat jumps to the attack, and pounds his dream ship to smithereens before he even knows what hits him.  Bye Bye one Excelsior.  So in reply to "Tag Wyatt your it..."  I return a simple...Tag in the shout.

Now is where things get on my nerves...first thing I hear is How did you find me... I reply.. you had a spy.  

He says I cleaned and they should have been all gone... At this point I had to run and fix a network problem...

So I log back into the game to see "btw, I've posted about your "questionable" luck...so much for game integrity"  and then I see a blog basically calling me a cheater...

SIGH... ANyone that knows me  and has played with me knows I am always the one to play fair.  I just happen to work hard at the game a little too much at times.   Please note folks Darkelves IS a NO BOUNTY server so any player that dares to play that game is subject to abuse that goes with a no bounty setting.  Anytime scores are high you will see someone demolish someone.  Its all part of the game...   If you can't stand the heat stay out of the fire... All I did was respond to an attack, but I guess because I'm one of the main admins for the game people think I have some magic panel that allows me to win every time....

Come on people, its all about playing hard, playing aggressive and picking good team mates, it has nothing to do with anything else.  I win because I work at it.  And nothing I like more is to find a player to unseat me... I'll complement them and tell them good job as it happens so rarely.  So next time you look up and see your playing against me...PLEASE knock me out, win the game... to me thats all it is...just a game, and I love nothing more than seeing it grow and get better.


 Jun 8, 2004 - 2:10 pm

Title: ARGH! Let the hell begin!

I'm sure almost everone has wondered why we haven't accounced or started a new tourney... the pain is as follows:

Well there is definately going to be some server downtime over the next week or so.  Our ISP is moving his office and our point to point will be going down... to top it all off we can't get an install date till well after they have moved.
  Soooo  I get to pack up a big truck with all our servers and shuffle them to the new location till I can get a new install date...

So I get to not only redo every IP in the place, but also update tons of DNS entries...etc...

Wish me luck....


Well team Tombstone is now in the lead over on Darkelves so DOA's days are beginning to look numbered.  Thier only saving grace is that building madman Fiveyes...should we find his hole he will be all but finished ... damn he hides well

 May 21, 2004 - 2:19 pm

Title: What a Rush!

This tourney is moving fast thatn even I thought it would.  Alf's Team (The one I'm On) Is whoopin some butt!  I did manage to lose a good ship last night...I should never be assisting an attack when I'm being distracted.  I had Moon talking to me(Bad Mojo), a window open talking to Big, and then a chat going with the team and alf.... SO Just as I said to myself... I think I'll go park this boat so I can focus.  I hit move to sector 1 and I get a message.  "Anakin is attacking your ship"  SO I think to myself..."its a good thing I moved to sector 1".... and I lookup and what do ya know... I'm floating in a Pioneer... LOL now that was funny.  No big deal, I got a new ship just like it   

I shake my fist at you satman!!!   Now you've done it, you have ruined my virgin death status!!  So.... the hunt is on!  I will not rest till you are 6 feet under and pushing up daisies!    

Well anyway this has been one fun tourney and looks the TBC are startin thier move up.  We will show no mercy so be prepared to wake up floating in a pioneer

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 May 7, 2004 - 12:21 pm

Title: Signups Close and Draft Begins

Well its getting close.  The new tourney is a week away now we will see how well the captains choose thier ultimate team.  

I've been adjusting the settings to make for a fast game so be prepared to see a pile of dead bodies floating in space.  

My practice server has been workin rather well... I have moved to with in 15 from the top and progressing VERY rapidly... and I have not pulled the trigger on one person...LOL

hehe well now that I have a decent cash flow and have hidden it well enough I should be able to leave the base and start my rampage   I figure I can cause a ton of problems with this nice new boat of mine before the week is up and the next tourney starts

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 Apr 30, 2004 - 12:14 pm

Title: Ahhh Warmup

Well the draft tourney is getting closer so I have taken it up on myself to do a little practice run on the Darkelves server.  

This is especially tough as there are players with HUGE ships so I have had to hide real well and just build.   The Admin has set some of his setting similar to the tourney so should be interesting if I can make a come from behind trip to the top.  Nothing like making it hard on myself....sheesh... Right now I'm just keeping my head down and my mouth shut   Hard to defend against level 40 ships.  My only hope is to just stay in my little hole and build and build till I can raise a little hell in the game.

Should be a pretty good practice run.  The Draft tourney is looking interesting, looks like 20 player teams if everyone gets their profile set.  The team captains are going to have a job of it picking players and controlling them.  I'm just glad I'm playing and not leading this time.  All I get to do is say..."Whatcha want me to do boss"  hehe...  I can only imagine what that will be.

Real Life is still keeping me real busy.  As now I get to hire an attorney and play the whole probate game as I never found a will for my parents.  Word of advice yet again, ask your parents what their plans are so your not left to make those decisions without them.  I'm just lucky me and the rest of my siblings are getting along well otherwise this whole experience would be much worse.  

For those in the Darkelf server...watch your back... I'm comin... it may not be today or tommorrow, but when you least expect it I'll strike

 Apr 14, 2004 - 11:52 am

Title: The Evil has returned!

Well I'm back!  Been a rough few weeks and I know I'm not done yet.  But its been good to throw myself back into the game a bit... Still not 100% as you can see my forum posts are still pretty short but I'm back playing in the tourney a bit   

Note to self:  Not playing tourney will put you lower in rank unless you have a good driver to take your place while your gone.

Went from second place down to 15, now I have crawled my way back to 8th place I dunno if I'll make the top 5 before the game ends on the 20th but I'll give it a shot.

Draft tourney will be starting soon.  Should be interesting...looking like we may do 3 teams.  Captains are looking like Lincoln AKA Queen Amidala, Five Eyes and Wild Angel.   Thinking of forceing profiles so only users with profiles will be able to play.  That way it will be easier for the team captains to do thier draft

Just another note for real life.  Talk to your parents more.  You may not get a chance to again as Real Life has a way of kicking your ass once and a while.  Also ask them where thier will or trust is, as there is always a chance that you could lose both your parents and not just one, then you will be left to try and figure that stuff out on your own... and from one who is experiencing it now... IT SUCKS!  

 Mar 29, 2004 - 11:42 pm


<b>Can Real Life Suck</b>

Well, real life has just reached out and kicked my ass.  Not that everyone wants to hear it... but I'll probably be pretty quiet in the game world for a little while while I get a few things in order.  

My parents died in an auto accident on sunday.....  

So as you can expect I'm pretty messed up For anyone that has not gone threw this, it has gotta be the worse experience any one will ever go through.  

I wont go into any details.... PJ will be taking the reigns for a bit so please realize that not only is he trying to keep up with the game issues all of you are having, but he will also be lending me a hand with my real life clients and any software issues that may come up while I am away.... So try not to give him too hard of a time

Don't expect many replies from me to messages.  I may or maynot have time to deal with them.... good luck all and I'll be talking to you as soon as I get a few things all worked out.

 Mar 25, 2004 - 11:05 pm


<b>Tarnus Words of Wisdom</b>

In a game where there are no bouties and there are players many times larger than you the best offence is a good defence.  

Prepare for the worse case senario, if you woke up in sector 1 the next time you login are you prepared?  Most are not, so here is my words of wisdom.  

#1 - Always Have enough Credits in the bank to support losing your base and possibly a good ship.

#2 - Never carry too many credits on your ship as if you lose it, you can lose up to 70% of what you were carrying.

#3 - ALWAYS have an Escape Pod and as Many EWD's as you are allowed to carry.

#4 - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT... Never and I mean ABSOLUTELY NEVER, logout of a game and sleep in your best ship, buy a stealth you will thank me for this later.  

#5 - When buying a new ship, buy it in a port that IS NOT in fed space.  As if you did buy one in fed space you may find yourself  flung into the nether reaches of space without an escape pod AND no engines to get home.

#6 - Build in Upgrade ports, build SG's and layer defences.  While an enemy may take your front sector, they may not be able to afford to take the next layer of defences.  

These Words of wisdom may very well save you the agony from having to crawl up from the bottom again.  We all get spoiled in regular games when we know that only equal teams or players can attack us, but in an open unrestricted game your skills at hiding and building defences will be tested by the most aggresive players out there.

That player is probably me.  Don't take it personally, its just a game.  And with a game takeing out any potential enemies at opportune times is what I do.  SO watch your backs as when you wake up in sector 1, don't say I didn't warn you

 Mar 22, 2004 - 4:32 pm


<B>Another Tourney</b>

Well we started the next tourney and I'm sure there was alot of players I purged that still wanted to play...but I think I gave everyone plenty of time to get signed up.... if not you will have to wait till the next tournament.

The game settings are looking pretty good so far.  I do believe we will see excelsiors in this game... the cash is movin along pretty quickly.

Just a note for those in the tourney... ALWAYS buy Emergency warp devices.  ALWAYS buy an escape pod.  NEVER trade in any of the linked sectors off of sector 2,3,4 or hang out in known casinos.  

Most of you have been so spoiled with the bounty system that you get in a game with no bounties and forget that you can be shot by anyone and no place is safe.  

Nothing is more scary in a no bounty game to be toolin along and suddenly get a message on your screen.... I usually quickly move to fed space before I check to see who it is from.... as it could be someone just tried to shoot you.

Well enough of my tourney preachin.... watch your back as space is a dangerous place....ESPECIALLY in the tourney games!!


 Feb 11, 2004 - 4:47 pm


<b>Delays, Delays, Delays!</b>

Well I sure most of you have noticed we have not made the Feb 1st deadline.  Sad as it is, everyone is better off.  Because if we had released it on the first everyone would be having to do 2 or three updates that we should not have had.  Since we were able to start 2 live games we have been able to tract down many a bug that the original beta was not revealing to us.  So all I can say is SOOOOOON!.

FAQ is getting better.  I have tried to empty my brain of as much knowlege I can muster to help explain the new .20 stuff as best I can.  Course I'm leaving combat to PJ as he wrote the code, but I am certainly getting the hang of it and will give a few .20 pointers here in this blog.

<b>Sector Defence</b> I cannot stress the value of having as much as you can!  With the new attack and run option when trying to breach sector defence, an enemy can slowly widdle down your defences so as to make your planets vulnerable.  By keeping your sensors and fighterbay levels high it makes it harder for them to cloak in and kill fighters without detection so remember the more SD the better.

<b>Attacking Planets</b> - Unlike .141 you can get a little more balsy in your attacking.  Bases donot get the +5 base bonuses they used to.  So hint num ber 1.  Fighter levels will not kill you, but Beams and Torps will.

Example you can probably safely attack a planet that is level 20 with an endeavor that is level 20, you may have to hit it  alot to take it but there is that possibility.  If the planet owner was not real bright and did not load the planet with energy, totps or fighters you may very well be able to take a high level planet with a smaller ship.  Course there is ALWAYS risk involved.  

<b>Armor Damage</b> - Don't take any.  Armor damage is the biggest detriment to the health of your ship.  You take armor damage and you will find yourself limping to a spacedock for repairs.  Beleive me it can be painful.  I went had to head twice with a guy that had an endeavor and it cost me near 2 bill in repairs for each attack I made.

I'm not aboyut to give away all my tricks, just watch your back because if your within my no-bounty range, YOUR PLANETS BELONG TO US!

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 Jan 15, 2004 - 1:10 am



Well I haven't typed here in awhile as its been very busy in the .20 game front.  Twan has been generous enough to give us one of his templates to use as a default.  However both PJ and I have a few extra ideas we ended up adding so game play is a bit easier.  So this has taken me away from my normal killing sprees.  

2 new default templates have been added.  So the war is on, whose template is going to be the most used and popular one that we use as the new default template.  I vote for mine, but after all I'm a bit biased.  I reworked the screen to drop out the command bar in favor of a top menu design.  And I have consolidated things like Real Space presets to a drop box as well.  We added a new drop box that lets you see the last 5 sectors visited.  Added hotkeys for some of the more popular commands.  (still tweakin out letters)  

PJ has been messing with the universe size and had torqued a few users off about it.  They had been spoiled with having real space engines that could go anywhere.  The drawback to this is you have to use local map a whole lot.  So over the past day I have struggled with the whole navigation problem.  The galaxy is 3D and most people are navigating it in 2D using side to side sequential searchs and warps, that with small engines can wipe out all your turns if your not careful.  I had thought of 2 click navigation but instead I came up with a 5X5 radial map that shows the closest sectors from your current location moving out.  Placed it in the main page and now you have a nav map (or minimap as some of the users are calling it) that lets you navigate to close sectors very easily... this is my all time favorate feature so far   

SO back to the game.... I'm using the NEW nav map and exploring sectors and decided to play a bit of casino blackjack to make a few bits of easy cash, made a good 40 mill and decided to map the secors around the casino and what do I find ...... one of the evil indy sectors with a pile of mines....bye bye Columbus.  And lost 100mill...so theres a 100mill credit debris floatin around the galaxy somewhere now ...LOL  so even good players do stupid things...so now I gotta wait till morning to get enough turns to try and make my networth back... OH well...I love this game

I keep adding toys and making PJ a bit crazy at the rate we are going we may never get .20 launched, but when it does launch it is so much different than .141 its amazing.

The game has evolved into a horible addictive entity and is getting worse by the day.  So watch for your wife to come in the room and bust you for playing games till 1 am yet again.  

 Dec 31, 2003 - 1:00 pm


<b>Random thoughts</b>

Well haven't posted as I have been having a little too much fun.  Someone took my bank in the main game which enabled me to start attacking again.  hehe  I may not be in the top spots, but I have been another Scourge of the Universe taking players out of thier ships in revenge for loosing my bank.  Course I did track it back to a larger conspiracy as they had been hired by a large player.  Guess the hunt is on...gotta find him and take him out of his ship

Well the beta game continues to get better and better.  PJ has implemented some nice incentives for keeping cash on your planets.  So I have been adding a few features to help manage the planets a little easier.  The key to making good credit % is tied to keeping your planets as close to max as possible.  So I have added to the planet report max cash limits of each planet so you will know what you need to upgrade.  I'll also be adding a few options to the planet upgrade screen so you will be able to determine how much is on the planet and how much it can hold plus the overall upgrade selector like I had in the tourney.

Me and PJ brainstormed a slew of stuff the otherday.  Man the game is getting cooler and cooler with every change.  Alot will be long term, but even the short term stuff is great.  Gonna have to talk to him about the combat a little.  

Still looking for a new adversary.  We'll come up with one, just may take a bit.  All the ideas we have seen have been good, just gotta find just the right one.  

Well I'm off to do some more testing.  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!!

 Dec 27, 2003 - 11:59 pm


<b>Beta Site</b>

Well while the cat is away the mice will play.  Since PJ isn't around I have managed to do a bit of programming.... Yes believe it or not I can program, I'm NOT just a figurehead.  

Well before PJ left we had been arguing about how best to get players to keep cash on planets and his idea was to force players to put at least 50% of max on the planet for the planet to maintain its 100% levels.  Well unfortuantely no one can afford to do this since there is no interest.  If your going to have a decently defended planet.  You can't afford for that planet to make you any cash.  So I implemented my solution.  Which is that you need to drop 10% of cash max on the planet to get the 100% production levels and then you get production bonuses with the more cash you put on the planet.  

For Example:  A level 10 planets max cash requirments are 368,000,000 to get that planet to produce at the normal 100% production levels you need to drop 36,800,000 on the planet... But for every additional 36,800,000 you get a 5% bonus on production.  So at 90% cash max on the planet you get about a 145% Production bonus   Hence now you have incentive to leave cash on the planets.  And this is before you get dignitary bonuses.  

So as a result, if were making 5,000,000 on the planet before in cash/tick you now make about 7,250,000.  Every little bit helps when you don't have any interest.  Now the trick will be is to keep PJ away from it so we can leave it   Guess thats my job.  

The Beta is a definately a trading game.  Good trading ports have become very valuable.  The game has moved pretty good, but we may need to make a few adjustments as if the turn rates were back to norm, it would take forever to get where we are now.  Its all good I still like it better than the way things used to be.  The scores are very comprable and no one is running away due to interest.  When someone makes a mistake you can tell from thier score.  Not a whole lot of cash in the game.

Well still trying to think of a new adversary for the game.  Ferengi used to be what the original tradewars used, but I really want to get away from names that relate to star trek as I really don't want any lawyer entanglements   

Maybe we use one or multiples.  Creeper had some good points on maybe a whole NPC table and break all the NPC's into that.  

Ash had some good ideas we'll have to wait till PJ gets back to brainstorm some more.  

In the mean time, back to trading and planet busting.

 Dec 22, 2003 - 11:19 am


<B>UGH Embezlers knocked me to 6th</B>

Well the end of the tournament and Keith wins.  Course he knocked me to 6th place with his thievin embezlers...LOL ... Its just a game no biggie.  Just makes me think that the next tournament game should not let embezzlers give cash to players.  After all a tournament is based on either individual or team skills and should not be based on cash being given to players that have hardly played.  Had this not been for the cash the top 10 players in the game wouldn't be what you see in my posting.  There are a few players that played very hard and deserve the top spots where others did not.   But the game is over and we move on.

These are the players that I saw work thier tails off and a few I punished severely but they deserve a pat on the back because they all stuck with the game as best they could.

Kieth - He has done an excelent job of taking me to the cleaners and out banked and out hid me.  I congratulate him as I never got to shoot him nor did I find his bank at all.

Wild Angel - Do not sell her short she is one of the hardest working players I have played with and against.  While this round we were pseudo allies she earned every cent she made and took quite a beating from uncas and big in the beginning.  I rememeber the last Draft tourney where her team took me to the cleaners

Worm, Evil Within, Uncas - these 3 deserve mention as well as they all worked hard.  Uncas is a Big prodigy so was being coached by the evil BIG and did a fine job even when I busted his bank and ship.

Alf - He never gave up.  TIme and time again I saw him beat to a pulp and he would rise from the ashes and try again.  Good job.

Darth Vader - even though you didn't finish the game, you did a fine job of hiding.  Had my probe not happened accross your sector I would have never have found you.  Although you could use a bit more sector D next time.

Kuska - you got to be the biggest search I have seen.  Maybe not a very good sport when I killed you several times but you still continued to play.  You have a bit more to learn but man you were freakin everywhere.

Roin - Nice dogfight.  LOL  Sorry I popped your bank, those embezzled funds you got had to be stripped from you.  You did manage to get another set the last day which plumetted me to 6th... your a good sport too

SwordD - Man you hide well.  I never managed to get a track on you or your bank sector.  While you were punished earlier you managed to hold your top 10 spot with little help from embezzlers from what I could see.

<b>Happy Hollidays to all and may the next tournament bring more joy to all!</b>

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 Dec 21, 2003 - 11:23 am


<b>Tarnus didn't win</b>

Well contary to others beliefs it is lookin like I'm NOT going to win this tournament.  While I get accused of cheating at every turn ,thats not what I do.  I play for the glory of the win and the thrill of the kill.  You can ask those who have played with me and have thrived against me and they will tell you.  If I can't win by playing fair then why play.

This being the last day of the tourney proves that not even I, can make a comeback against a banker as big as Keith is.  

Yesterday after he embezzled cash and knocked me to third I figured it was time to pull my digs from my banks, as there was no way to catch someone that is 10X bigger in score than me.  This proves just how much an advantage bankers have.  When you have more cash you can almost double your ranking daily with good digs.  But if you cannot find your enemy then you will never catch him.  

I found my enemy last night, I have the biggest ship in the game, but yet still could not find his bank as his funds were so large he could make his bank virtually invisable.  I busted through a 12 sector deep SG all with 580mill fighters. (Tourney games fighter/energy ratio is a bit lower)  Yet I still in the end gave up as every planet I found was empty but huge. It took several refreshes with a debris bonused excelsior to even see them.

In talking to Keith I had managed to scan the 3 planets that were decoys and the other 2 I missed. (Lucky for him)  So now all his cash is on his ship and he is hiding till tommorrow.  Where he will become the Champion of the Singles Tourney.

My only saving grace as I will finish with the most ship kills.  So at least that is something.

Congratulations Keith for proving to everyone that I can be beat.    I hate to lose but it had been a fun interesting tourney.  Most of the big killers in the begining were knocked out of the game so it was left with mostly builders and bankers to try to win.  

The planning begins for the next tournament.  Now to decide if we wait for .20 and then try to figure out fast running game settings or restart with .141 code.  Will leave that for another discussion.

 Dec 20, 2003 - 10:28 am


<b>Well this is my embezzler rant! </b>

Grr went from 2nd to 3rd with my score being 8 bill and the new 2nd place underserving player with 15 bill. Sure glad interest is going away in .20 and embezzled cash should be much smaller. Derned that Keiths scrawny hide for leaving digs on planets when he is 10X higher in score than anyone else.... Sigh... its just a game, guess I can go work on new game options or hunt for keith to extract my revenge. Oh well its just a game after all

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 Dec 20, 2003 - 1:37 am


Been quite the eventful day in the tourney world.  Roin was silly enough to be in a sector where I tracked him.  Funny thing was I was just gonna start dropping mines to see if I could get any action and shoot someone and lo and behold there he led me to an SG off of sector 100.  All his cash and his ship.

Started to take out SD and then saw him logon...thought I was sunk... but no a few minutes later he logged back off... left his cash on the planet.  Novad it to hell and dropped his score from 7 bill to 74 mill...sucks to be him when he logs on.

Changes my Ship name to Scourge of Space hehe