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 Jan 31, 2011 - 6:28 pm

Title: Winds of Change, AAtrade is in for some changes in the interim future

Winds of Change, AAtrade is in for some changes in the interim future.

Hey folks, there is going to be changes coming very soon to the aatrade world.   PJ is going to take a hiatus for a while.  He is still around but won't be working on aatrade for a while.  I will be taking over.   Not that that's all good either, as I have a real job, so can't put a ton of time in, but will work on it as I can.  

So what this means is, we will need to start working as a team.  I will need volunteers to help track down bugs, make template changes, bug test the beta, even help with the forum, website and the games.   If you can code php I will need some help there as well.

To start with I will be resetting the Beta to the latest game code PJ had.  I don't know what bugs have been fixed so I will be clearing out all the bug reports and starting fresh so everyone can start fresh and we can start a new bug report.

 Apr 15, 2010 - 6:39 pm

Title: The Beta

Well I haven't posted for a while, but I wanted to give people a little glance at the future and thought I'd post some updates to what we are working on in the beta.  Anyone is welcome to come over and help test.  Remember to please post bug reports as we can't fix issues without them.   There is a drop down menu or a link to bug reports, otherwise you can get to them here:  http://www.aatraders.com/bugtrack

First off you can get to the beta game by going here: http://beta.aatraders.com/

#1 Universe is HUGE!!!
First thing you will notice once you login is the universe is HUGE!  Real Space moves you will try to avoid.   Even with moderate engines you can easily blow several thousand turns.  On the bright side there are tons on links everywhere and you can pretty easily set up navigation routes to get you places.   No matter what, you want to make sure your FB level is at least 100 to start off so the nav computer can work for you.

#2 Let there be Nav Trades
OMG!  This is the greatest thing since trading began.  You can now create a nav route and attach it to a trade route.   What does this mean?   First off in the past we used to just do trade routes with no problems.  Now you just eat way too many turns and you find yourself going bonkers trying to move around without using realspace like we used to.  But on the bright side, your going to be able to trade across multiple sectors.  Imagine a colonist port 10 hops into your SG and you need to populate a planet that deep.  Old version, monotonous moves by hand, new version, Nav Trade!!!

#3 Wormholes and Zones
You will notice a brand new ID attached to the front of the sector name.  It is there to help differentiate between zones.  You maybe asking, I thought I had zones already they relate to my ownership of a sector right?  Yes, that is correct, but not what we are talking about.
Zones are basically pocket galaxies.  Zone 1 is normal space kind of what your used to right now, but that is bound to change.  We have a few plans for what will happen in zones.  I will get to that shorly.
How do you get from zone to zone?    There is a brand new port type that is called the wormhole port.  This port is the gateway to each zone.  Its a two way gate.   This is the only way in and out of each zone/galaxy.   Once you are in a new zone you will see all the sector names begin with a new number.

Each zone has its own rules.   The plan is to start at zone 1 and make it the safest zone to play in and moving outward to zone 5 which is no mans land.  Basically, no fed rules apply.  Very dangerous, but highly profitable.  

Currently the zone items do not work so they all work like normal.   So don't get excited hop in zone 5 and start machine gunning players.  

#4 Fed bounties can not be paid off
This will be about the same way we are implementing it in the main.  Most players would intentionally take bounties and then just sell some commodities and pay it off.   Not going to work anymore.  You take a bounty and the fed will take his pound of flesh from your best ship or planet.   Don't get too itchy with that trigger finger!!

#5 everything else
There are many changes that have to do with mines, A&R etc.  They have been in prev betas but I cant remember all the changes as of yet.   Keep an eye on the twitter and or me or PJ's blog.  

PJ is updating twitter with the latest changes.  

If you decide to play remember this is the beta/alpha We will be working on changes all the time and it may or may not reset without notice.   We need as much play testing as we can.  Alot of changes coming down the pike so keep your eyes peeled.

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 Oct 21, 2009 - 2:12 am

Title: Thunderdome is back!!!

Well after many a nudge... I have brought back a rejuvenated thunderdome game.   Most of the rules are similar to what they were before.   No bounties, 150 sectors.   The one thing that is different is when you lose your ship you go into a 10 min time out and then you can log back in and do battle again.  Gone is the time of having to re-register.   Note if you want to be in the scoreboard, you have to register your profile.

You can get to it by going to http://thunderdome.aatraders.com

Good luck...  Its crazy addictive!!!

I also got a bit creative and composited a new front page screen to replace the old aatrade flash screen.  Let me know what you think!!

 Apr 4, 2009 - 8:16 pm

Title: Noobie idea

As I am not in the game yet and have only been watching from the sideline we came up with an idea to help some of the new players.  I call it the safety switch.  As your moving through space and have the safety switch turned on, if you are leaving fed space you would get a warning "You are about to leave the safety of federal space.  Uncharted space can be dangerous.  Are you sure you want to leave?"  This might keep startup players from the mine kills a bit longer.  Not a big change but would help em a bit.

Its not in the game yet but I gotta twist PJs arm on the possibility.

 Apr 1, 2009 - 6:55 am

Title: Final Main Scores March 31, 2009

Here are the final scores for the Main ending March 31, 2009